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5 Excursions
thru Normandy



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From Port To Coast

The ebb and flow of some of the most powerful tides in the world paces the rhythm of life along the three hundred miles of the Normandy coastline.
They dictate the coming and going of the fishing fleets in the small sheltered harbors, where the bracing air has the tang of salt,
They expose vast expanses of golden sand, just to take them back, wave by wave,
They batter the austere, rugged landscapes of La Hague, which the writer Didier Decoin describes as "a tale written on pages of heather set in a granite binding",
They sculpt the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast with arches, portals and needles, which Victor Hugo called "the grandest architecture that ever existed."
And they played havoc with the Allied operations on D-day, all along the landing beaches at Utah Beach and Omaha Beach.

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