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La Seine, Le Pont des Arts, La Cite


Culture and Cuisine

Le Petit Zinc

A museum in the morning, a nice meal in a neighborhood restaurant, a long stroll and a delicious treat in a picturesque tearoom.

A week of these tours will transform you into a true Parisian.

Long Walks through History

Les Champs-Elysees

Day-long tours through Paris neighborhoods, each with its own history, its cafes and its restaurants.


Salon de The Tearooms have become part of the fabric of Parisian life. They are the place to stop and relax after a day of shopping, after school, or a day of visiting. Their character range from the slick contemporary to the cozy and charming, from the room with a view to the plush salon.
We can set up daily walking tours that will lead you to some of the most interesting tearooms, where you can rest with good pastries, a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

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